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The General Plan Advisory Committee completed its 16th session on Thursday, January 26, and the City is grateful to that committee, and to the participating community members, for helping the City continue moving through this complex process. Those 16 meetings included nine in just the last 10 months, and each has offered a great deal of thoughtful dialogue, productive input, and constructive and creative suggestions. 

At their January 17, 2017, meeting, the Half Moon Bay City Council directed staff to separate the Local Coastal Program (LCP) from the General Plan Elements, and prioritize completion of the LCP. That will involve revising the LCP by incorporating GPAC and community input, and bringing it to the Planning Commission for discussion and review. After that process, the General Plan Elements will follow.

Upcoming Meetings
Thank you for your participation so far! There will be a pause in community forums over the next several months to allow for preparation of revisions. Future sessions with the Planning Commission will be broadly announced, as will any remaining sessions with the GPAC. Community input opportunities will continue through the Planning Commission and City Council forums. Stay tuned!


Welcome to the PlanHMB website!

This website will serve as your one-stop portal for information about the City of Half Moon Bay’s General Plan and Local Coastal Program (LCP) Update. Here you will find up-to-date information about the project, studies and other work completed to date, contact information, and ways that you can participate. Please take a look around the site and join the conversation about the city’s future. Check back often to find updates on the planning process, access meeting materials and presentations, and review draft documents. If you’d like to receive e-mail announcements about upcoming meetings and events, sign up here.

Project Status/Schedule

The General Plan and LCP Update consists of 9 main steps. Here is the project status for each:

1. Project Initiation and Community InvolvementCompleted
2. Visioning and Issue IdentificationCompleted
3. Existing Conditions, Trends, and Opportunities AssessmentCompleted
4. Preferred PlanCompleted
5. Draft General Plan and Local Coastal Program UpdateIn Progress
6. Housing ElementCompleted
7. Zoning Update and Local Coastal Implementation PlanUpcoming
8. Environmental Impact ReportUpcoming
9. Hearings and AdoptionUpcoming

At each stage, there are opportunities for community involvement and input, including Community workshops and study sessions of the City Council and the Planning Commission. Additionally, questions or comments about the plan and process are welcome at any time.

As part of the update, the City will release draft versions of all planning documents for public review, and will prepare an accompanying Environmental Impact Statement according to State law. See the diagram below for estimated completion dates and anticipated meetings and hearings. Additional meetings and events may be held and will be announced on this website and through the City’s newsletter. (Click the image below for a larger, printable PDF version.)