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This website will serve as your one-stop portal for information about the City of Half Moon Bay’s Update of the Local Coastal Program (LCP – which includes the Local Coastal Land Use Plan and Local Coastal Implementation Plan) and the General Plan. Here you will find up-to-date information about the project, studies and other work completed to date, contact information, and ways that you can participate. Please take a look around the site and join the conversation about the City’s future. Check back for updates on the planning process, access meeting materials and presentations, and review draft documents. If you’d like to receive email announcements about upcoming meetings and events, sign up here.

Project Status/Schedule (updated in Spring, 2018)

The two planning documents undergoing review and update are the Local Coastal Program and the General Plan (see “About” for more details on the scope of these documents). Early in the process, these were being addressed simultaneously, and significant progress was made on the General Plan Elements, including the Housing Element which was adopted by the City Council and certified by the State Department of Housing and Community Development in 2015. All remaining General Plan Elements are in draft form and were presented to the community in fall, 2016. They include the Circulation, Open Space and Conservation, Noise, Safety, and Healthy Community Elements.

Then in January, 2017, the Half Moon Bay City Council prioritized completion of the Local Coastal Program (LCP). To do this, staff separated the LCP from the General Plan process, put the General Plan on a temporary hold, and proceeded with work focused solely on the LCP. Once the LCP is completed, the General Plan update process will re-start (expected in 2019).

Within the LCP there are two components – the Local Coastal Land Use Plan (policy), and the Local Coastal Implementation Plan (implementation). Currently, focus is on the Land Use Plan portion, which consists of 10 “chapters,” or focus areas. Each chapter undergoes an extensive process including review by the Planning Commission, prior to presentation to the City Council for adoption. After adoption, the documents are conveyed to the California Coastal Commission for its final consideration.

The chart below summarizes the status of each draft chapter of the Local Coastal Land Use Plan, as well as the completed draft elements of the General Plan.

Local Coastal Land Use Plan (LCLUP)
Fully Revised and Restructured





Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Coastal Access Recreation
June 2017 - presented Planning Commission with  Draft Document
Chapter 3
Natural Resources
Chapter 4
Coastal Hazards
August 2017 - presented Planning Commission with  Draft Document
Chapter 5
Housing Element
October 2015 - Complete and Certified
Chapter 6
Cultural Resources
August 2017 - presented Planning Commission with  Draft Document
Chapter 7
Scenic & Visual Resources
August 2017 - presented Planning Commission with  Draft Document
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Public Works




General Plan - All Elements - Draft

Housing Element
completed 2015
Circulation Element
completed 2014
Conservation and Open Space



Healthy Community (Optional)

Land Use Element - (Local Coastal Land Use Plan)