​​​The 2018-19 Draft Land Use Plan Update is ready for your input!

The table below contains links to each chapter of the 2018-19 draft Land Use Plan Update. The community is invited and encouraged to read through the draft material, provide questions or comments to staff, or request a meeting with staff. 

Upcoming Planning Commission Study Sessions:
The next study session will be a
 joint study session with the Planning Commission and City Council on October 29, 2019 at 7 pm at the Ted Adcock Community Center. Staff will provide an update of progress made on responses to public comments and revisions for the final draft. Planning Commission and City Council will hold a discussion and provide direction to staff. There will be opportunity for public comment. 

Local Coastal Land Use Plan (LCLUP)
Fully Revised and Restructured


Policy Comparison Table
Errata Sheets

Chapter 1

Introduction and Framework
June 2019
Framework Policy Comparison

Chapter 2
December 2018
Development Policy

Chapter 3
Public Works
July 2019
Public Works Policy Comparison

Chapter 4
October 2018
Agriculture Policy Comparison
1/22/19 Errata Sheet
Chapter 5
Coastal Access and Recreation
October 2018
Coastal Access and Recreation Comparison
12/19/18 Errata Sheet
Chapter 6
Natural Resources
October 2018
Natural Resources Policy Comparison
11/27/18 Errata Sheet
Chapter 7
Coastal Hazards
October 2018
Coastal Hazards Policy Comparison
12/19/18 Errata Sheet
Chapter 8
Cultural Resources
October 2018
Cultural Resources Policy Comparison
12/19/18 Errata Sheet
Chapter 9
Scenic and Visual Resources
October 2018
Scenic and Visual Resources


June 2019

Appendix A
June 2019

Appendix B
Revised following the June 25, 2019 Planning Commission meeting
June 2019

List of Acronyms

June 2019

Links to Chapter 6 - Natural Resource MAPS: (As of Fall, 2018)

Figure 6-1 Habitat Types in the Planning Area

Figure 6-2 Habitat ESHAs

Figure 6-3 Special-Status Species ESHAs

Figure 6-4 Summary of ESHAs and Potential ESHAs