Reports and Documents

Documents will be available on this page as they are prepared. Check back often to view drafts and final versions of reports and studies, as well as draft and final versions of the plans and policies themselves.

Draft Local Coastal Land Use Plan and General Plan Documents

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Local Coastal Land Use Plan: Coastal Access & Recreation-Planning Commission Working DraftJune 20171.1MB

Comments on First Public Review Draft of the Local Coastal Plan & General Plan Update
June 21, 20172.6 MB

First Public Review Draft General Plan

   First Public Review Draft Chapter 3: Circulation Element
November 2016
8.7 MB
   First Public Review Draft Chapter 4: Conservation and Open Space Element
November 20162.7 MB
   First Public Review Draft Chapter 5: Healthy Community Element
December 2016
3.0 MB
   First Public Review Draft Chapter 6: Safety Element
November 20161.5 MB
   First Public Review Draft Chapter 7: Noise Element
November 20162.0 MB

First Public Review Draft Local Coastal Land Use PlanApril 201618.7 MB
   Table of Contents
4.7 MB
   Chapter 1: Introduction
15.5 MB
   Chapter 2.1: Introduction to the Local Coastal Land Use Plan
93 KB
   Chapter 2.2: Land Use
9.4 MB
   Chapter 2.3: Coastal Access and Recreation
6.9 MB
   Chapter 2.4: Coastal Resources
21.7 MB
   Chapter 2.5: Coastal Hazards
3.1 MB
   Appendix A: Coastal Act Policies
104.9 KB
2.2 MB
1993 and New Draft Land Use Policies ComparisonJune 20161.2 MB

Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

Download Document PDFDate PublishedFile Size
Sea Level Rise Vulnerability AssessmentApril 20162 MB

Community Comments

Download Document PDFDate PublishedFile Size
2017 Written Comments
20171.5 MB
2016 Written Comments201618 MB
2015 Written Comments201520 MB
2014 Written Comments201419 MB

Related Maps

Download Document PDF                          Date PublishedFile Size
Habitat, Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA), and Potential ESHAJanuary 2015                               7.0 MB
Public Ownership MapJune 20151.3 MB
Planned Roadway Improvements (Revised)June 20151.4 MB

Existing Conditions Documents

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Existing Conditions Report  (Full Version)
Revised July 201448.8 MB
   Table of Contents
149 KB
   Chapter 1: Introduction
2.0 MB
   Chapter 2: Key Planning Issues and Implications
103 KB
   Chapter 3: Land Use and Urban Design
8.9 MB
   Chapter 4: Circulation
6.1 MB
   Chapter 5: Environmental Resources and Hazards
14.0 MB
   Chapter 6: Aesthetics
4.7 MB
   Chapter 7: Cultural Resources
1.5 MB
   Chapter 8: Parks, Recreation, and Public Services
2.6 MB
   Chapter 9: Infrastructure
1.9 MB
   Chapter 10: Noise
4.0 MB
149 KB
Economic and Real Estate Conditions and TrendsRevised July 20143.0 MB
Existing Conditions Report Addenda

   Addendum 3 - Existing Conditions and Opportunities Assessment Report Update: 
                       Supplemental Information, Comment Summary

April 201617.8 MB
   Addendum 2 - Parks and Recreation AddendumMarch 20151.5 MB
   Addendum 1 - ESHA Map (Addendum 1 is superseded by Addendum 3)February 20157.0 MB

Community Visioning Documents

Download Document PDFDate PublishedFile Size
Guiding Principles Handout (English)August 2014898 KB
Guiding Principles Handout (Spanish)August 2014907 KB
Community SurveyReportMay 20143.5 MB
   Survey (English and Spanish)March 2014432 KB
   Newsletter (English and Spanish)                       March 20141.2 MB
Community Workshop #1 SummaryApril 20149.0 MB
Stakeholder Interview ReportMarch 20141.2 MB
Community  ConversationsJanuary 20142.8 MB

Housing Element

Download Document PDF                      Date PublishedFile Size
Housing Element 2015-2023 (Adopted 3/3/15)April 20154.2 MB

Environmental Impact Report Documents

Download Document PDF                     Date PublishedFile Size
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